Bomb Blast or Anti-Shatter Window Film is designed to withstand repeated impact and extreme stress. Windows are regarded as weak and vulnerable to criminals and by far the easiest means of access into a building.  Bomb blast window film ensures that glass is held together in the event of an explosion or attempted breakage and reduces the risk of fragments and splintering of the window.  Blast film is the highest grade of protection a glazed unit can obtain.

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Frequently Asked Question's

  • Just use a simple soapy water solution and a soft cloth.

  • Yes, all film has a 10-year guarantee and a 1 year installation warranty.

  • No, you should just make sure there is easy access to the window area to fit the film.

  • Firstly the window is thoroughly cleaned and then using a soapy solution the film is applied. Once in place the water is squeegeed out and left to dry naturally making a firm fit.

  • This will depends on the size of the glass and the type of film you order. Once you have decided we will give you a comprehensive quote.

  • The appropriate film will depend on the use to which you wish to put it. We have a wide range of films that can suit any manner of requirement ranging from Solar Films for Windows to Conservatory Window Film . Let us know what you are looking to achieve and we will advise you accordingly.